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Coming Through!
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Coming Through!

Poem By Professor Poetry Hound

You know how some people say the
streets of heaven are paved with gold?
Don’t you think that’s a little clichéd?
I think they may have lifted that from
descriptions of El Dorado. Anyway,
what good will gold do us in heaven?
It’s not like we can spend it anywhere.

Also, I was thinking that since gold is
a pretty soft metal (and not very
practical for street paving) , what
mineral do you suppose God mixes it
with so that it will stand up to all the
heavenly foot traffic? Or car traffic?

Wow! That reminds me, if we can
choose what car we get to drive in
heaven, I wonder if I might be able to
reserve a Lamborghini Countach.
Imagine that! Coming through! Outa
my way! Ha ha ha. No need for airbags
up here.

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Comments (6)

You just keep getting better! But don't worry, heaven is a very simple place - just me and a very horny Paul Newman circa Cool Hand Luke - the rest of you can literally (and I'm using the word in its proper sense, unlike many who don't - but that's another story) go to hell! Hugs Anna xxx
I can see you running over folks left and right, yelling 'it's OKAY! You're already dead! '. Sickie. -chuck
I can't help it and I like it... when I read a piece of yours (the one relating to the cat in the hat and EAP was an exception and perfectly executed but not your usual style) , it feels as though we're sitting across a table having a conversation and these are your thoughts. Engaging your reader.... second to none, Prof. And of course I like this, and coming through, indeed. Hug across the table with more than an element of respect in there. t x
That is, IF you get to heaven, Professor! :) But the car thing sounds great...more practical than streets of gold, except it makes the wings obsolete. Raynette
wouldn`t be nice to have the car of your dreams when yuo`re up in heaven, because We can`t afford them down on earth...