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Coming To My Senses...

I'll swear I never felt her
in the soft touch of a clover
brush my legs so sweetly
as I look our field over.

I'll claim I haven't heard her
whispering my name
in this lovely hidden meadow
witness to my shame

I'll say that I can't smell her
as the autumn leaves decay
and know not of the bed
where forever she will lay

the grass is always greener
on a certain patch of ground
but I'll claim I haven't seen her
if her body's ever found...

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Comments (17)

Creepy and clever! you always pack a punch in your last lines.
At first it seemed like a love poem but I had been forewarned of the 'halloweenish' vibes, lol. Ending seemed like a resounding thump on the head (but I liked it..I liked it, lol)
This is great! We are still laughing. Best wishes
Ahhh, your poems never cease to amaze me! I have to admit, I am a bit jealous that your poems always seem to come out exactly right. They are such a pleasure to read. Also, Thanks for your recent comment! I've been PIMming again, too.
Charles, Did you notice how I got back to 'Charles' , real quick! ... Please tell the policemen that you and I have not ever really met! I just like your writings, at least right up to that point! I know that you are joking! ... Say that you are joking! ... Please! ! ! ? B.V.A.
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