(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Coming Undone

Dressed only
in bikini bottoms

& an Ascot hat

you paint me
in the nude.

I try to keep
perfectly still

not to move a muscle
(keep my position)

but thinking of untying

the pretty little bow
of your bikini bottom

I come

and you can
plainly see

I am pleased
(more than pleased)

to see you.

The hot sun
burning down upon the scene

painting my face
bright red

the colour of embarrassment

don't miss
a stroke

continue on
adding the final touches to me






Sitting for my(or reclining rather) portrait in which I float startlingly naked against a black backgorund(head thrown back in an agony of ecstasy or death or sleep or the little death) whilst a mysterious singularity twirls and vortexs beside me for no explainable reason whilst the truly delightfully delectablly delicious artist painted me in the nude whilst wearing only her Ascot hat(to protect her against the glare of the sun) and a pair of reversible bikini bottoms(light blue on one side...light blue with white polka dots on the other) with the cutest of 'pull pull me and I will completely fall open to reveal all my obviously hidden charms' bows.

The sun which came and went... came and went (and was hotter and more intense than we thought when it was there) painted my face a bright scarelt red.

That night I had to read at a friend's birthday bash as if I were a Native American to the great delight and amusement of the many.

Suffice it to say I was not(as Queen Victoria) ... put it...amused!

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Where can be seen your potrait, Donall? Joking apart, I like the works of Janice (the artist) very much and guess the portrait is worthy to be seen. The poem inspired by this episode too was worthy to be read too. Best wishes, one