IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Command Performance Adult Content.

Her hair a red/gold waterfall that flows
across the curving contours of her form
concealing and revealing as it goes.

The high proud breasts whose nipples stand erect.
Au naturelle and yet in modesty
perfection I have no right to expect.

The subtle curve of outer hip and thigh
surprise and please and tantalise my eyes
is she real or one of the succubi.

An evil creature sent to steal my soul.
My wisdom wars with my carnality
I am prepared to sin and pay the toll.

My engorged flesh arises and demands
to be allowed to fulfil its purpose.
She is in control now and she commands

I kneel and worship at her Venus shrine
Inhale the musk and with my tongue explores
The inner depths of that cavity divine.

I must comply I cannot disobey
I worship on my knees in ecstasy
I feel her passion rising as I pray.

But greater paradise awaits for me.
She is slick now with her sweet honey dew
and trembles like a shaking aspen tree.

Her slender fingers that now hold my head
cool and strong now firmly grip elsewhere.
Unhurriedly they lead me to the bed

Where I am plunged into her molten core.
Reality or succubus who cares
all of my life I have been waiting for.

The dream that I held deep inside my mind.
A dream I never thought I would fulfil
nor such sweet satisfaction find.

Depleted now of all my energy
I care not if I die or lose my soul.
This night was mine and it was meant to be.


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