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Commissioner Race

There is an upcoming commissioner race
I know them all by their name, but not by their face,
Their signs I have seen posted almost everywhere
They all must have money, and not living off welfare.
I heard if elected what they say that they will do
But, to do what they promise I have not a clue,
Some say that they will do this, and also might try that
Then they conclude by saying that they are a Republican or a Democrat.
And for the commissioners that have been in office before
I still hear about drugs and taxes and there still is the poor,
Then those who are trying for office for the very first time
If they are elected I hope they don't destroy my city with greed and crime.
Maybe one day soon they might all have a debate
Then they can tell us who they like, or maybe who they hate,
But, then we all know that politicians words spoken are usually cheap
While the owners of those words, are waiting just to reap.
All that some politicians need is that grand prize
They don't care how they get it, even through deception or lies,
Sometimes I wonder why those with money want to be elected
Maybe better deals they seek, is that what is truly expected?
The commissioners will be remembered by a curse or by a prayer
Standing by the greedy, or with the middle-class the true taxpayer,
Commissioners can be anyone even a really good friend
And for their truth and righteousness no one will need to defend.
So, I say that very soon from now it will be an election day
For truthfulness and honor and honesty I sincerely do pray,
Remember if those that we vote for are elected as our peers
We will have them in office with truth or lies, for four long years.

In my city, there is an upcoming commissioner race,
I wonder if it will be remembered with respect, or disgrace.

Randy L. McClave

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