Commit Self’s Death

Amazing, is The Father’s news
Salvation’s living Word
Revealing God’s Son, His perfect views
For life; when hearts have heard

When hearts truly, have truth believed
When trusting to obey
When souls, life’s Promise received
To live God’s living Way

Until we do; we’re dying
Shameful, with lost mankind
With the perishing, denying
To wisdom, deaf and blind

This may sound harsh, dreadful and cruel
Even a bear faced lie
But lest we see its true life’s rule
Foolishly, we will die

But Jesus died, these truths to tell
Suffered, to set man free
To save from death, rescue from hell
Sinners like you and me

Like you! Regardless what you think
Like me! Who lived so wrong
Until life’s Word Christ’s blood we drink
We’ll never sing life’s song

Not always, will God’s Word please us
Opening rebel’s eyes
For life! The Father sent Jesus
To die, again to rise

What Jesus did, false pride; must do
Forgiveness, must wear a crown
One’s self, must fail, till born anew
And death’s throne crumbles down…..

by Michael P. Johnson

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