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My Country- My Maldives

</The beauty of splashing waves
Caress my homeland
Loving the stretch of white gold
Pure and innocent motherland
The breeze unties the pony tails
Of the lavish coconut palms
Whistling a song
In their delicate ears
The song of our forefathers
Echo all the way across
The earth may hold a thousand splendors
But you fiddle with my heartstrings
Like no such others
And as we await
For this upcoming glorious occasion
Let us all make a solemn pledge
Kindle a flame of salvation
Of unity and love
And Keep it burning for the future generation
Let us stick together as the shoals of fish
Roaming in our deep seas
I love thee so much my mother
And I am so proud of you
My Country- My Maldives


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A rare poem that begins and ends so well, and never waver once in the middle. Frankly I never had the opportunity to read your poems before.
A beautiful prayer appealing Lord to fulfill all that is unfulfilled.
A powerful write/ prayer from one of the greatest Poets of the Philippines. So wonderfully and brilliantly written.
A superb prayer, taking the devotee on sublimated elevation.
Amen! Francisco Arcellana
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