Committed To Meaning

Difficult it can be.
And often is.
To keep thoughts kept,
Uplifted and positive.
With it shown to be known,
Others in positions...
Seem to be on missions,
To undermine anyone done.
As if they've been selected to take requests,
From the ones to prove...
They are the best at this quest.
And done to do in masquerade too.

Keep your voice down.
Can't you wait until,
The preacher's sermon is finished? '

Difficult it is,
To leave worldly possessions,
One has collected behind to find...
That's all that folks have on their minds.
Not that this was done to sacrifice.
To choose over selfishness,
Because someone else's life was prioritized.
People choose to disguise,
Their deceptions to hide the telling of lies.

Difficult it is to keep these sentiments left kept,
Committed to meaning.
Difficult it is to leave God out of the mix,
When an evilness one experiences...
Is prayed to God to have it fixed.
Yet I hope God is listening to put an end to it.

~Amen, my brutha.
Let us all bow our heads.
And pray that this brutha,
Isn't referring to anyone in here.
To have his wishes for us to witnessed,
Those who have done him an injustice or misdeed.
I certainly don't want to feel the heat of hell,
Before I get in my Mercedes and leave.~

'I'm not inviting you to church anymore.'

I don't know why not.
You told me I should bring my troubles to God.
And even the minister knew,
To rush through his sermon to pray...
Before those demons got up to walk away.
I didn't have to go far to bring my troubles to God.
The moment I sat down,
I recognized them immediately.
Thanks for inviting me.

~Amen, my brutha.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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