Committing To Be Better

Committing to be better,
Is a mindset change.
To know what thoughts to rid.
With a few habits to keep.
More difficult than others,
Giving up to leave as they are.
Hoping one day they will fade away.

Committing to be a better human being,
Is a lifestyle decision.
To know this will and can be done.
With a putting an end to youthful foolishness.
Experienced by many.
To excuse this on being young.
Rushing to do something dumb and stupid.

But a commitment to realize,
A growing older has had those days to go.
Gone to no longer keep aging disguised.
Takes a process of self examination.
With a letting all lies and alibis to make,
To notice them as traps.
And facing them to see for what they are.
Just pledges to ourselves to remain deluded.
That's all!
Baseless facts.
Especially when one awakens to discover,
There is no need for that to keep faked!
For who or whom will be left impressed?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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