Treason to sell it.
Sugar coated to be sold.
Has been accepted to accept,
In the most betraying and deceiving ways.
Cheered on and applauded,
By those too entertained to believe...
Their quality of life to live,
Is slowly diminishing by those ego driven.
Instigating conflict and division.
To do and condone for the attention alone.

Proving the making of fools,
Prioritized with money to use as a tool.
To minimize an effect of treason.
And a reason to treat other human beings,
As commodities and worthless contributors.
To delusions they inhibit.
Ignored when exhibited.
Although serious their acts of treason,
Sweetened to taste.
Has left confined and limited minds,
Craving for more.
With this to accept and expect to be,
One of the many entitlements...
They have been promised to get and receive.
Delivered collectively,
To their dumbed down and dumbfounded minds!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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