Common Is The Breath We Breathe

You can choose to see me as you wish.
With it perceived to believe...
My physical appearance to reflect it as is,
Can be easily judged as you dismiss it.
To reject as not a true representation of life.
You may think of me as an imitation if you like.
With no dreams to wish,
Or needs to have with wants to get.

But one day your feelings felt towards me,
Will be discovered to be no different...
Than the ones you feel to display from underneath.
And when that day comes,
To be followed by tomorrows with this to realize...
Although our lives maybe lived in ways to criticize,
Common is the breath we breathe to have done...
On one Earth. One Moon. And One beaming Sun.

Uncommon is the One God,
Who has bestowed upon us all...
This gift of life for 'us' to receive to have some perceive,
Their gift to get reflects more of a significance.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Lawrence good friend...Im thinking I like this one.