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Common Road

Life is a road.
It is you in the passenger's seat
Until you come of Age.
Age is relative,
Relative of time, space, and money.
But no matter what seat your in,
Sometimes you'll fly right through the
Green lights. Sometimes the
Red ones too.
But, others, you'll approach just.
Click. Yellow.
Then to red.
At red, you'll sit.
Sit and wait.
Wait for the inevitable.
But as you wait, you watch.
And watch.
Watch the cars that may turn right.
And you'll sit there,
Late at night.
Start again. Into the blank, black 'byss
Can't see further than the two feet of light
That spills onto the road
The car to the right rides close for a while.
Just a while.
Then they speed up, or turn off.
Out of your road,
Your life.
Life is a road.

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Life is a road. In a dramatic way, you have explained this. Very impressive.