LDC ( / San Jose, California, USA)

Common Sense

Thanks to this Great Country
United States, to all the wonderful people
Many thanks for the hospitality
Land of peace, jobs and opportunities.
I never blame anyone about my choices
I'm stress-free of any negative worries
I love my life, health and people
I don't ask questions, why or who
I just love everybody, including you.
I'm very happy, love my job
I enjoy doing it, I'm lucky and healthy
I'm always smiling, simple and sincere
I can go anytime, anywhere
About the money? Is some, how much is enough, takes a long time
Patience and dedication to save it
Vulnerable things come and go.
But my love for you is forever
Who am I. Never try to think to find me
I belong to God, time and destiny
Someday I'll not be here, for sure, I don't worry about it.

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