(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Common Sense

Wisdom rules and mends a heart that falters.
And heals the mind of those who took time to stray!
These days require all eyes be open.
And assessments of others once entertained,
Find new homes to settle to remain
Locked in!

We are embarking on 'THEE REALITY'!
So buckle up folks...
Everything you thought you knew,
And the time it took for you to know it...
Is coming to an abrupt end!
Take your common sense,
And strap it on tight!
There will only be a few like you that will have it!
For safety purposes...
Do not flaunt it!
Just know that you have it with you,
At all times for emergency use!

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Great Poem Lawrence, So very true. Hearts do mend and minds do heal. Take Care.