Common Sense Without Relevance

Wasting precious valued time,
Playing mind games to create...
Has a way of aging explanations.
And leaving those growing older,
Left behind to find...
Their childish indiscretions,
As an attempt to remain relevant...
A reason to squeeze,
Any evidence of patience...
Someone to have claimed it,
Could no longer prove still exists.
Around some folks,
Who make it difficult...
For it to continue to pretend,
A kept interest is maintained.
Especially with anyone believing,
Common sense without relevance...
Is worthy to escalate,
Into an argument that had its start
In a school yard playground.

'What...on Earth...
Are you talking about? '

-Sure. Go ahead and pretend,
You don't remember what you did.
In 1962!
And don't look at me,
As if I'm the one that's crazy.-

'This is a test isn't it?
You just want to whip me up,
Into a screaming frenzy.
So you can run and tell,
The teacher...
How I pick on you.'

-I knew you would remember.-

There are places and people in them,
Committed to remain unchanged.
As if to do so would prevent,
A reality that has been distanced...
To interfere with a kept,
And cemented ignorance.
Although observed as detrimental,
To a growth process...
Accepted to have had,
No relevance to the absence...
Of a mental progress,
Noticeably gone long in decline.

-And stop looking at me,
Like I have lost my mind.-

'No! It's not you.
I'm the one here out numbered.
And I know it to be true.
By more than just a few.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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