Common Things

I like to hear of wealth and gold,
And El Doradoes in their glory;
I like for silks and satins bold
To sweep and rustle through a story.

The nightingale is sweet of song;
The rare exotic smells divinely;
And knightly men who stride along,
The role heroic carry finely.

But then, upon the other hand,
Our minds have got a way of running
To things that aren't quite so grand,
Which, maybe, we are best in shunning.

For some of us still like to see
The poor man in his dwelling narrow,
The hollyhock, the bumblebee,
The meadow lark, and chirping sparrow.

We like the man who soars and sings
With high and lofty inspiration;
But he who sings of common things
Shall always share our admiration.

by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Comments (3)

this poem is really deep guys. you see i'm not like the other girls, who spend their time on their dumb phones, i spend my time reading deep and thoughtful poems. I'm not looking down upon you guys, i just want you all to know that i am superior in all forms compared to peasants like you Stacy.
Bruh, this is kinda deep doe O.O
i think this poem is nice-i wish i wrote it