AA (1961 / Taif)

Commune With Nature

Listening to nature’s sounds
It makes me feel so good
Nature’s true beauty abounds
I am enjoying life as I should

The forest is a different world
There is so much that I can see
All my senses are now unfurled
This place feels untamed and free

The air smells so much cleaner
A hint of dew lingering there
Everything is so much greener
It should be treated with care

God meant it to be this way
Life at a much slower pace
So we could enjoy everyday
A smile touches my face

On a blanket of leaves I lie
Listening to nature’s call
Letting time slowly pass by
Enjoying the wonders of it all

Written by – James F. Cunningham

Please, note that I like most of Mr. Cunningham James' poems. I republish few of his excellent poems with his permission.

Written by – James F. Cunningham

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Beautiful poem, I feel like I'm in the forest smelling pine scents, seeing the greenery, leaves covering the ground. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn