Communication 2.0

Poem By Deluke Muwanigwa

Communication 2.0

My brother M. Asim Nehal has said it. I said it in my poem " Communication".
He said it in a satirical way. I laughed my lungs out. POVID 2020! What a hilarious poem. Two poets M.A.N and D.M. thinking the same telepathically.

Like i said in "Communication" poets need to do background interaction and post the best of their minds. Allow direct comments to their inboxes. I read on many poets poems " This poet does not wish to have comments posted" or something to that effect.

So tell me fellow humans. What be the point of sending your poem to the world if the world can't comment. Lighten up my scribes. Let's interact and share our dreams, fears, wants desires and whatever drives you to write poems instead of going out to commit crimes.

As a minimum toggle those buttons on your account to allow DM to haunt you with nice comments about your poems. I am open and to me i accept the good, the bad and the ugly, because PH is the best poetry school in the school fees paid.

Thank you M.A.N.

Comments about Communication 2.0

Though we are miles apart but by poems we are so near to each other and we share same feelings as you said via telepathy. I feel those who are on PH just for the sake of points, ratings one upmanship, bossing etc let them find a suitable place in their own backyard of mind and live in peace with self. I don't respond to any tom or harry unless it is a constructive criticism which will definitely help me grow and learn. We all are a bundle of mistakes. Thoughtful communication DM. Loved it.
Yes communication is important Regressing is dangerously I'll Over come this And develop your emotional intelligence With many on PH You know who all are they. Good acrostic creation MAN. Pretty humoristic observation. Admirations.

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