Three strangers in a stormy sea
Bound together by threads that no one can see
One of them is the link
Let the time be the ink
In the middle of nowhere
Here they are, they really care
What is all about? ?
In the air vibes flowing, there is no place for doubt
I wonder why, why they hide their curious sigh

Agony is well established deep down there
It's well apparent, it's out there R
Revealing itself in so many ways
Throughout each minute, throughout their days
Caring, healing, helping...
Faces, pain wears to dance and sing

What is next? ? ! !
What will be next? ?
Going with the flow will bring them peace
In the land where peace is bought by piece

Through what brain will they ever communicate?
Which one of them will ever win the debate
It's human in every part
Instinct, emotion, logic...but everyone acting apart

Why? why? why?
Everything seems a lie
In the real world, happy at birth, sad when they die
Can you say hi, i miss you, i don't know why
I miss the me in you, i wish i knew

It's dust and mist
Although dark and scary
Light could never be missed
A light growing to go up high
Instead of linear with every sigh
Uniting, shining....eternally….

It's the pain
It's what makes us insane
It's what brings the best humane

Who knows, someday, someway
The worst thing......
Could yield the best in almost anything.

by Michael Sombrero

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Comments (3)

You seemed to force this in places. Some excellet lines, with a few forced. I felt you might have been more focused in your previous work. Still an excellent effort. You may try re-working this with the style of your first piece in mind.
This is a sad but beautiful poem, and I love its rhythm. Good job! : -)
not your best, but still good.................