Reincarnation: Chapter Eight

I decided to follow Hans to the meadow and signaled to him I would the very next time he caught my eye and motioned to the meadow. I nodded indicating to him that I would follow.

Understanding that we should not be seen together I waited for him to disappear and turned making it appear that I was returning to my house but I veered when close and circled back and up toward the meadow, my heart pounding, excited but fearful too that we would be seen.

I picked up my long skirts so that the wild flower petals would not get lodged in them and my mother become curious. It was a longish hike and I could see Hans ahead of me, often stopping to let me get closer but not close enough to be seen together.

The meadow was a magical place with a small brook running through it and often animals dashed out of the surrounding woods, drank from the brook lifting their heads alert for danger.

I got there but did not see Hans. I heard him whisper suddenly, 'Eloise, Eloise, over here.' He was out of side in side clearing off the main meadow and upon seeing him I could not constrain myself. I ran toward him and he ran toward me, both having contained months of longing and looking, now released.

He picked me up and twirled me around, laughing. I was exstatic, happier that I had ever been in my life.

He lowerd me gently to the ground our bodies having been crushed together and he blushed and I blushed.

He quickly said 'Sorry, I guess I got carried away.'
He took my hand and said 'Over hear, there is the hollow of a tree, where no one can see us.

The hollow tree had been struck by lightening and had room for both us to sit in, and it also had tiny flowers growing out of the bark. We made a place to sit and talk.

We were close, so close and talked for about an hour, when I told him I had to leave, that my mother would miss me.

We rose and he gave me a small kiss on my cheek and left before I did so that no one would see us together.

There began our visits to the meadow.

To be continued.

by Lonnie Hicks

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