Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


There lived, with thirteen other hoods
a guy named Robin in the woods.
They had devised the clever plan
to rob each unescorted man,
and took the riches and their horse
thus they became a fearsome force.

At first it seemed that Robin took
the gold, like any other crook,
but then gave all of it to those
who, in their drafty houses froze.

He was at heart a communist,
who had, in early childhood, missed
the comforts of his richer neighbours
who'd roamed around with shiny sabers
and terrorised those lowly peasants.
Thus, Robin learned his early lessons.

But, as so often one can find
the Devil runs the righteous mind,
and soon they kept a certain portion,
inviting with it a distortion
of justice and sheer altruism.
Which, notably, is communism.

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Bravo! Bravo! As everyone here knows my position on 'capitalism' - and although George W's patriot act (yes, I'm aware the laws of grammar dictate that I should upper case the first letters here - duh) will surely peg me over this one - I am Communisit, at heart.