Communist Lips

There is a lip whose like this lip is thick.
Them them [lay] a dizzily more liberal space is
necessary surroundings company suffering.
Them some the pretty face is handsome
and if is not suitably it is pity where it pretends,
the free lip which is wide this lip is full.
They do not like it and not to be there it is a false report
and must keep it.
When wet you and this it must hide it.
When your his wants will not do like this lip not to be,
they move, from the north going to the south, them too them.
Freed they what it.
Your this there is an enemy who wants the going necessary
will correlate lip laughs recently.
The mind the abundant pink chromatic company;
hard too gain and loss of lip and the lip was strong,
above of share within the vessel it sank.
The lip which is the tragedy.
The lip does not ever come loose.
Is grateful but [lay] it they will be knowing too well.
Them rightly the petroleum taking deep out of men
secrets of ground assuredly discovery.

by James McLain

Comments (2)

Ode about lips, is good theme... But why here was forced from you 'the communist', I don't understand, j.iip Thank you for your comment too, Tsira
hmmmmm..... really interesting and great...... nice job!