(18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)

Despair's Advantage Is Achieved


Despair's advantage is achieved
By suffering—Despair—
To be assisted of Reverse
One must Reverse have bore—

The Worthiness of Suffering like
The Worthiness of Death
Is ascertained by tasting—

As can no other Mouth

Of Savors—make us conscious—
As did ourselves partake—
Affliction feels impalpable
Until Ourselves are struck—

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Comments (3)

the once closely woven threads of the community seem to be snapping and sagging.i like this poem
Well it depends on your neighbours david, some can't be botherd with other people thats ok, if you treat each other with respect...10
They're still there, David. Only now, people come together to help each other only in times of an emergency effecting all. But, I wish the 'neighborhood' spirit would be 24/7 too! xxElysabeth