Poem Hunter
AC (11-14-1988 / El Paso)


I arrived at my destination
the local high school
it was a day that ranked no better than any other day
normal, some would say.
I was walking up this time tested building
when I noticed a fellow companion of mine
he was excited
'what does he have to be excited for, it is just another day'
just then a mutt came running,
better yet sprinting down the columns of steps,
unaware of the possible danger of falling
he came to me and simply barked
'why hello'
he was so happy to see me
like I had known him
before today
I went to my companion and said
'who's this' '
I haven’t the faintest idea'
'how did you come across him? '
'I just found him'
'I need to go eat breakfast, I will return shortly'
upon my return I
saw that the two
were merrily playing
just then a though had occurred to me
'what should we name him? '
I then asked
a while passed
as we pondered
over the name of this mysterious yet jolly discovery
out of the most ambiguous of thoughts
came the name
'chicho? ? '
my companion asked,
wondering where on god's green earth could I have come up with such a name
'yes, chicho'
just then,
as if it had been
the mutts name all his life
he came to me
'well, class is about to start, what should we do with it? '
'let's stuff it in my locker'
the thoughtless, blasphemous response
of my companion
of course he was merely joking
'well I haven’t the slightest idea'
' why don't we train him to stay'
it turned out to be easier than I thought
the bells rang
class commenced
simultaneously and he abided
we ascended the concrete steps
we failed to realized
we had done this walking backwards,
for we wanted to make sure that chicho would stay
and he did
time passed and
we were released
my companion and I frantically searched
we searched high, we searched low,
but our search was being monitored for
Ignacio had asked us what we were doing,
we looked suspicious
'we are simply looking for our new friend, we don’t know if you've seen him'
he's a mutt
small framed
white curly hair
overlapping his eyes
'oh yes”
'the good fellows from animal control came
and took him away
he was just standing there,
as if waiting for someone
gave me quite the case of shivers
but yes,
he has gone now'
news to me and my companion
were quite saddened
my companion [s]

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Rudyard Kipling


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Awwww.... its so sad! Chico should be yours! Its a cool story though really. Nicely said too