Poem By Dark Blood

My companion has no worries,
His eyes as green as grass.
His fur like velvet,
His nature kind.
His bravery like a tiger,
His bite like razors.
His hiss is the wind,
His growl, an earthquake.
His whiskers like strands of silk,
His tongue is sandpaper.
His spirit is as pure as the heart of gold he bears in his chest.
My companions' only worry, is me

Comments about Companion

Interesting write. Great description, and very truthful. -Kylie M. Lynch
Ya gotta like it! Have no idea why but I have a feeling I don't want to know.

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Sore Memories

Every time I thought about him my heart was torn to shreds,
My eyes repeatedly shed tears of sorrow.
I thought of hurting others so that I could feel alive.
But it didn't happen, my heart crumbled,


I cut myself, I sliced my wrist, and watched
it flow without a care.
No pain, no infection, only blood.
I watched it flow from my wrist, go down

One Who Is Dark

I love him, I hate him
Air of death, blade of agony
My senses fail me when he draws near
how to play a woman’s heart


I pull it around me like a cloak
And watch you through its folds
It muffles every word and gesture
Every move I make


Alone together in the darkness,
I learned the meaning of your tears.
I've taken a step toward my destination,
but I don't want to hurt anyone.