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Company Policy

They've taken away,
My laughter.
Told me I can't laugh.
Banished jokes,
Forever after,
What a horrible gaffe!

They've taken away,
My laptop.
And much,
To my dismay,
They'll be coming,
For my hard drive,
Later on today!

They've stated,
company policy,
Shall be no jokes at all.
So, I say,
Just take all of me,
If I can't laugh,
Don't want to be.

They've said,
Any attempt,
At humour,
Will be dealt,
With harshly.
Taken to,
A higher level.

Dear God...
Please set us free! !

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Comments (14)

Those who made these rules are saboteurs of human nature...that's sad! What's next...no breathing allowed! But anyways, good poem; well written and structured. Top marks! -Michael
Presumably this is email humour that's under the spotlight? ! Regardless, it's typical of the ever narrower ever more mediocre minds that find themselves in positions of power these days. Soon it will be an offence to be human. Who's running the asylum now anyway? Fine social comment poetry Dee. This is the modern world. Step right up. We need to know what's happening behind closed doors because that's where the idiots tend to truly be themselves. Ta, jim xxx
I got it, let's do something to tickle their fancy, maybe they'll join us in laughter. We must have laughter each and everyday. Thankyou Dee for yet another marvelous poem.---Melvina---
Dee, If I were you, I would shy away from them ... so that when your prayer is answered, you are not even remotely culpable; Lightning is nasty stuff!
That's pretty harsh! Tell me if laughter dies, the world will die, cuz life is too hard to handle without a pinch of laughter. A suggestion, quite this job and find another one..hehe Preets
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