An amazing order of controlled totalitarianism,
A mystery of dictated authority,
Multi-faceted and yet a waste of time,
Differently formal, painfully the same,
Stuck in a crazy annoying space of learning.
Improbable, immesurable, imperfect,
Powerfully weak and modernly ugly,
Technologically imperialist and capitalist,
Ruinously ugly, problematically tall,
A combination of stressfully small,
Hot, cold, informal and tired,
Alive and at work, mentally grey,
Dark, cold emotion and timelessly spiritual,
Conceptually grotesque, influential
And yet out of the norm,
Common ability and consequential demand,
Stupid thouht but socially beautiful,
Obviously bad yet good in its change,
All over the place six days a week,
Constant and gaining, losing in hurt,
Animalistically egotistical,
Habitually damaging,
Ugly and futile,

by Mathew Lewis

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