A thought, a guide or just a hand
Quiet stars that fill the sky
All are my compasses of hope
Joining the dots
Waiting for nods
Transforming transporting from the nothings to lots
In this world of double edged choices
Mirrors lie they keep us amused and soundly asleep

Signs, milestones and smiles
Inviting, pushing and pulling over the miles
A wave of emotions taking over
Coming to the shores of reality
And then withdrawing into the slumber of naivety
Arrows appearing causing addiction, causing dependence
The magic of satisfaction flashing every time
The tricks of compasses has fulfilled another need of mine

Long highways and known roads
Some are waiting to be taken
Some are always mis-taken
U-turns and roundabouts
A dreamy straight on the map of curves
In the fog of whiteness of disbeliefs
The butterfly has lost its flowers to weeds
Like the well that seeped too deep
A compass will find it
A compass will fly it
To the gardens of beliefs..

-Just give me a sign I have my foot on the accelerator I am the accelerator...



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