LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

Love And A Question

A stranger came to the door at eve,
And he spoke the bridegroom fair.
He bore a green-white stick in his hand,
And, for all burden, care.
He asked with the eyes more than the lips
For a shelter for the night,
And he turned and looked at the road afar
Without a window light.

The bridegroom came forth into the porch
With, 'Let us look at the sky,
And question what of the night to be,
Stranger, you and I.'
The woodbine leaves littered the yard,
The woodbine berries were blue,
Autumn, yes, winter was in the wind;
'Stranger, I wish I knew.'

Within, the bride in the dusk alone
Bent over the open fire,
Her face rose-red with the glowing coal
And the thought of the heart's desire.

The bridegroom looked at the weary road,
Yet saw but her within,
And wished her heart in a case of gold
And pinned with a silver pin.

The bridegroom thought it little to give
A dole of bread, a purse,
A heartfelt prayer for the poor of God,
Or for the rich a curse;

But whether or not a man was asked
To mar the love of two
By harboring woe in the bridal house,
The bridegroom wished he knew.

by Robert Frost

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Is he asleep or what? You have to wonder! Everywhere there is pain, even if it's that of sympathy/empathy, and is the relief that we'd expect from a compassionate God ever granted? How many believers are puzzled by this strange anomaly? Is it a wholesale test of the witnesses? What if they don't act? A passionate, poetic and heartfelt plea for compassion from your God Linda. I'm an atheistic but wish there was a creature capable of rectifying the ills of the world. I would very be happy to believe if he showed his hand as you'd expect him to. Regardless, it is a plea for action that needs to be taken. jim
Good poem. I find it easier to believe that a personal caring god is wishful thinking on our part.
Linda, you express well the sense of violence and the confusion induced by the storm, and the suffering. And your prayer is heartfelt. (God's ways are not the ways of the limited human mind, and at times in my own life, what may have been God's Compassion looked and felt like destruction to me, because destruction sometimes precedes creation. I don't feel God ever *enjoys* anyone's suffering, though-rather, suffers with us.)
Well phrased supplication, Linda. Nice work...
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