Compassionate Flowering

Designs filled with exciting and brilliant colors, beating
out a fluorescent rhythm, on inner drums, unsolicited, free
to develop itself in may different types of melodies.

Handily portraying the beauty forming in sounds of nature,
carefully hidden patterns of a million different rhythms
being created and influenced by feelings and emotions.

Alive and vibrant, never dying down, existing for the
passion and essence of this soul, so many enticing tempos
pulling constantly into vast spaces of intellect and

Beautiful entities floating throughout a mind, constantly
expressing exact volumes of every compassionate thought,
flowering from above and being planted in my soul.

Germinating, being nurtured with the utmost care, always
being planted in many poems.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (1)

This poem celebrates the ORGANIC with complete abandon! It's a riot of colors, sounds, movements, and even meditations. But when there is so much activity and growth, meditation has to find a very quiet spot or just wait for a while for the celebration to run its course. I read this several times and it's impossible to read it slowly. The images are so abundant and so lively, they make my voice speed up. So I could not disentangle the imagery to see what is being said in a literal way. But I joined the dance and song instead!