Every night and day I fear.
I fear everything of my pass
Every night I Scream and Cry.

Sometimes I don't Know Why
Sometimes I know Exactly Why

I'm Scared of him
I don't know wanna see him.
I hope he dies
I hope he suffers
I hope the same thing happens to him

He has no clue on what i live through
He has no clue the pain i feel

I'm scared of everyone
My famliy.
My friends.
Even the only man I love.

I'm scared to leave my home
Everynight and day I fear
I fear everything of my pass
Everynight I scream and cry.

Sometimes, i don't know why.
Sometimes, I know exactly why.
I don't want him to find me.
I don't want to get hurt again
I don't want him to do worst to me

Every night i scream and cry.
I fear that he will find me
I fear that he will do worst next time

I cry myself to sleep everynight.
I don't want to die.

i fall asleep and dream
who do i see?
i see him.
he lives in my nightmares
he controls them.
i fear of falling asleep
i fear of being awake

i just wish to die and live sane tonight.

by Nikkie Johnson

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