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He never won a ribbon or an award,
In any event that he had ever entered,
Nor had he never won a trophy as a reward,
Even though he was taught and mentored.

He always did as his coaches and teachers had said,
He trained and practiced to be the best that he could,
Towards hard work and studying was always in his head,
He knew it would all pay off to be the best that he would.

He always came in last place in all the races,
Whether it be by running in a race or for an election,
So, he studies his books and he ties his shoelaces,
All he seeks is a victory and not glory or affection.

He always entered every contest or any sport,
In his heart he knew that them all he could win,
He never begged or pleaded for any person’s support,
As he knew soon he would be joining the company of men.

He never gave up trying he kept on competing,
He was always known as the slowest of the fast,
But, after every lost and after every beating,
After every race and contest he always stood steadfast.

And when he came in last place or when he lost,
Towards his opponents he was never ever bitter,
Always into another event or match his energy was tossed,
He was never to be known as lazy or as a quitter.

Randy L. McClave

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