There's some competition going on
You may not be aware
This triangle happens often
More frequently than you think

The object of your desire
Is not playing fair
S/He has another love interest
It may cause you to despair

In this case
Never chase
Play it fair
No room for failure

Do not look for certanties
Let your authenticity shine
Give them space
To make up their own mind

Prepare yourself for any outcome
Absolutely anything could happen
Who they choose to persue
Has nothing to do with you

The future of this relationship
There is no telling
All can change in a heartbeat
As to how it will unfold

Do not worry about what is around the corner
Stop obsessing over what is around the corner
What is meant to be
Will be

Play by the rules
All will become apparent
Think ahead
Do not try to outdo them

Never put your competitor down
You are a queen
You are blessed with integrity
You deserve your crown

If the one you are interested in is worth your time
You will soon see where things are heading
They will see you for who you are

These hidden obstacles
May try and test us
If true to yourself
Will stand us in good stead

by susette varga

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