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Complaint, The
(1721-1770 / England)

Complaint, The

Poem By Mark Akenside

Away! away!
Tempt me no more, insidious Love:
Thy soothing sway
Long did my youthful bosom prove:
At length thy treason is discern'd,
At length some dear-bought caution earn'd:
Away! nor hope my riper age to move.

I know, I see
Her merit. Needs it now be shown,
Alas! to me?
How often, to myself unknown,
The graceful, gentle, virtuous maid
Have I admired! How often said—
What joy to call a heart like hers one's own!

But, flattering god,
O squanderer of content and ease
In thy abode
Will care's rude lesson learn to please?
O say, deceiver, hast thou won
Proud Fortune to attend thy throne,
Or placed thy friends above her stern decrees?

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Comments (5)

Tempt me no more....a very strong revolt against deceitful lover. Let it be as said; Let every man resist such a lover.
THE FLAMES OF HERO. Heirs the thy chorous, Slept not thy songs for thee, Still the spirit praised, Even wonders if thy not, Darkness comprehends light, The flames of hero's pledged. Songs Seized not thy mouth, There to gateway on terrestrial, Founds to locking life, For thy will not just vain, Flames of hero. Knows not in thy midst....., For thy stand and hold thee fresh, Many are called, Then few were of the choosed, contemplations was for verse, Flames of hero's called. Thought had lives, Could because walking, Platters was imprisonment of mind, Many being called, Are liers' note, And few being choosed, Are the flames of hero. Poem by Bunmi Orogun Samuel.
Fantastic expression. Beautiful poem. Thanks and congratulations to his soul for being selected as poem of the day.
Away! away! Tempt me no more, insidious Love: At length thy treason is discern'd..... //..... disdainful expression of betrayal in love. Thanks.
Such an interesting write written long ago....