Love Love Love

From east to west from north to south
Let all creation find
That truth is always in our mouth
And peace is on our mind

Let’s live our lives to others now
Let’s touch The Father’s heart
To Jesus let our knees but bow
From evil take no part

Until the world’s is Satan free
Till Jesus reigns supreme
Let’s help our blinded neighbours see
That life is not a dream

Let empathy become our creed
Compassion wear a crown
Plant in the world a thoughtful seed
Bedecked with selfless gown

To fellow man, do no more wrong
Our neighbours cause no ruin
Let love become our living song
And dance alone its tune

However high we pay the price
Let love become our guide
Let hate become our sacrifice
On altars far and wide

Its love its love its always love
That melts a heart of stone
So let its fruit from God above
Transform our flesh and bone

Let neighbours see the joy within
Love’s fruit give free to eat
Encourage them to walk from sin
And sit at Jesus feet

by Michael P. Johnson

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Okay..... well, we certainly weren't mourning the loss of the kitty kitty. Twas sensitive of him to bury the cat on an icy day- -the ground was it frozen deep, making it hard to pierce it with a shovel? I guess you could call it an act of compassion that he made sure the cat wasn't outlived by those fleas he couldn't be bothered to flea shampoo off her or flea collar off her. At least the cat had a box...
Lovely little poem with a deep meaning.
Fairs Fur Dorrit takes her turn on the leather One hundred and twelve, the auld bleather She has pockled about The back-door in and out I think she’s depressed by the weather
Interesting pick.
he be betain and burning his cat