Complete Surrender

You showered upon my palms
Like endless drops of rain
But my palms were much too small to hold you.

You rested upon my lap
Like a crystal droplet of melting dew
But my lap was much too narrow to hold you.

I felt your hands upon my shoulders
Like the gentle warmth of the winter sun,
But my shoulders were much too feeble to hold you.

You dwelt within my heart
Like ozone by the sea-shore;
But my heart was much too confined to hold you.

I carried you with me every where
Like a mother carries her foetus in the womb.
But my womb was not resilient enough to hold you.

I could feel you and your presence
But could never touch you.

I basked in your snug embrace
From time to time,
But could never enfold you in my arms.


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Comments (3)

wow! one of the trickiest emotions to express.....and you have done it so beautifully. I loved this poem...thank you very much.
sublime reality... well written *10*
i got it it's your