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TT (August 17,1988 / Boston, Ma)


Poem By timelia tison


It was the stillness that froze me,
The stillness that held me in.
His words complete me.
It was too good to let go,
But bad to give in.
Though his words complete me.
His words were strong…powerful,
It made me numb.
His words complete me.
It completed me more than I could imagine.
The darkness burning through my soul,
It did the good and evil things.
It releases me.
My body filled with his pure hatred.
Still his words complete me.
Life wasn’t the same anymore,
His words showed me the way.
His words complete me.
It wrap around my heart, like a
Serpent strangling its prey.
His words showed me the great darkness of the Earth,
And it was beautiful sorrow.
Sorrow to love; Sorrow to hate
His words complete me.

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Comments (2)

Timelia, you have writen yet again a great piece of poetry. I felt it! keep it up. The words of the wise one is a healing! AJ
oh yes, I know what you mean with this poem......