As I lay in the hospital bed,
I heard the doctor say,
'With a tumor in his brain, he has
To live but one more day.'
And deep within the recesses
Of my weary mind,
'A poor life have I lived; now I
Some happiness must find.'
Then came a total stranger,
A man I'd never met;
He sat down close beside me,
On my table something set.
'Do you seek happiness? ' he asked,
'Rest for your weary soul?
In this book you'll find these two,
And you can be made whole.'
And as I read, I found 'twas true:
A Friend I'd never known
Had died o take my sins away,
to give me a heavenly home.
Now while I lie awaiting
For this pale life to end,
I'm happy and content, for I
Shall soon meet my new Friend.

by Fred Lee Newman, IV

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