one's anguish exhausts
this moments last pleasuring
as today's sun sets

by Michael Walkerjohn

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Aloha Seema... Thank you for this visit, read, and for your enlightening comments... this is Senryu... or of humanity, rather that Haiku... of nature... There were and I trust there will be more or these moments in my lifetime... that brief hint of personal relief that comes after all is said and done... around our travelling sun... on mission to light the other side for a moment... it is in these times that personal pleasuring seems to have it most powerful seductions... and I do not for a second agree that you are such the newcomer and especially not the novice when it comes to words that work well together... so it would seem that these moments have eluded you? Not by personal choice I am sure... Perhaps, we could weave a few lines together and submit a collaboration? Just to test if IAM sensing correctly that it is that shyness which keeps your words on this subject quiet... Please pick out a few more of my posts and see if I could be in the same league as you with my thoughts and word works on subjects that you have thoughts of... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two
Is this a Haiku? The impending curtains down stage brings in such sweet agony...a bit complex for a newcomer n novice like me...
When the hotness of youth age is turned into coldness of old age, the pleasures finally melt down and end in pains. Being an old man I understand this poem like this. Great thought in only three lines shows capabilities of the poet....10.
An orgasm, what's that! ? o_O Figured this had a double meaning of sorts, my initial thought was what Deepak said. Well along those lines anyways, but I decided to leave a more humorous comment. The good thing about both these comments is when readers come to visit this poem they can have 2 very different pictures juxtaposed in contrast. A sort of verbal assault to their delicate senses.
Very insightful the turn of the day happy moments lived look no more with us when depleted with anguish......i think may be you are trying to drive home this point......amazing thought
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