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Complexities Of The Female.
CH (23 December / New Zealand)

Complexities Of The Female.

Poem By Chelsea Hansford

If you kiss me I will love it,
But dont you kiss too much,
I'll love it when you hug me,
But dont over-do your touch.
Ask me of my future,
But don't you start to pry,
Weep in romanctic movies,
But never start to cry.
Tell me I look gorgeous,
But make sure It's sincere,
Whisper to me seductively,
But don't spit in my ear.
Always dress respectively,
But don't look like a slut,
Don't walk with your head down,
But don't walk with a strut.
If you follow these guidelines,
Chance is you will find,
Women are wanting everything,
And men just lose their mind.

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Comments (2)

Made me chuckle..at least I know I'm not sexist.. it's the truth you gal's are crazy.. heh
A truly inspirational guide for a man to live by (or at least try to) .