Poem By Alessandra Liverani

Stopping smoking cigarettes has many complications
Otherwise it'd be easy, there wouldn't be any frustrations
You cannot simply stop buying them, putting them in your mouth
For starters all the planets must align directly north to south

Before even thinking about starting this monumentous task
There are many, many questions that you yourself must ask
Will it rain tomorrow or perhaps the sun will shine too hot
Maybe you could do it then but probably better not

Your train might run a few minutes late
And then you'd be forced into an unplanned wait
You may trip over your own two feet
Infront of an audience in a busy street

I haven't even touched on all the endless possibilities
Let's just put this thing on ice, a perpetual deep freeze
All these complexities are fuddling up my brain
Better not to stop at all, there really isn't any gain

(Sydney, Australia - 2003)

Comments about Complicated

Yes, don't stop. Keep smoking, hear your lungs wheeze. Painful coughs, caused by deeply inhaled poison. You need the poison, so keep giving in. Chain smoke, non stop, remember, the more you smoke the bigger your rewards are. Quitting only leaves you with the agony of withdrawal, and disgustingly fresh air. Toxic smoke is what you need, Cigarettes are here to please. They cost nothing more than a couple hundred dollars a month, and years off your life. All so you can avoid withdrawal, and fill your lungs up with their deliciously deadly smoke. Inhale deeply, hold it as long as you can. One breath of air and repeat. Non stop, every day. Don't forget to use your automated night-time cigarette smoking machine, to pump cigarette smoke into your lungs as you sleep. The latest model is the lung destroyer 200, available free with the purchase of just 10 cartons of non filtered cigarettes, with extra toxins and nicotine added free.

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