Complicated And Mistaken

When I was out at the arcade
Guess who came in with some dark shades?
Got my first snacks in the worst way
Man, I got so much more to say
Man, I hate this place
I got to survive, Lord please give me the grace
And then my friend and cousin
Who were cool and then turned out they wasn't!
Came to me and told me I could make big bucks
And hiding the fact that I had to take the long cut
Short cuts are my favourite not only because it gives me quick money
Gives me spare time and a very light burden
Now, I think I've learnt my lesson
Not every chance comes as a blessing
Now let's talk ‘bout this kid named Johnson
Always acting bare cocky as if he's Robbie Benson
Like, has he ever heard of the word called gentle?
They all brought me into this shit
And they need to get me out of this, quick
This is treason, pure damn steaming
Doing evil for no good reason
But don't worry I'm a veteran
Better than Dennis the Menace and
Horrid Henry combined with a Gremlin
I came up with the perfect plan
And I need to get out whilst still can
While my heart still beats
While my lungs still breathe
Eating healthy is getting boring
Broccolis and veggies for the morning
And guess what for lunch?
Crunch berries cereals with a loud big crunch!
But then by dinner
I'll have to take out the thrash
But then I'll be goner, gone in a flash
They tricked me, treated me like an illiterate
And lied to me, telling me it was legitimate
But my plan went smoothly
And I'm back in my place sipping a smoothie
I know, I have a sharp brain
And whenever I make a plan, I make sure there are no stains.
They never reply to my message and they claim not to be sociopaths
Come on, you do the math.

You don't like me at all, I know
So don't expect me to stop shooting at you until at I ran out of ammo

by Samuel Adesunloro

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