Complicated Futility Of Ignorance

light shields the rising sun in Japan
killer bees fly sea to sea
filigree tusks in the ocean of Xundan
people rejoice they’re free

corporations pillage and exploit suffrage
third world victims of corporate genocide
political war dice roll for the death of teens
to liberate victims of our oxymoron absurdity

a complicated state of futile ignorance
leaders absorbed with ulterior motives
we live in a country where we are free
in a world far removed from peace

i am told of daily crimes against humanity
taught about our rich romantic history
shown a perfect diverse country
experience mixed emotions

do we as free marsupials stand idly by
as fellow peers are starved and martyred
our greatest privilege isn’t to be American
but to be human

we must strive for truth
education and courage are our weapons
love easily and question everything
bleed red, white, and blue

love, live, affect, cherish, LIFE

. . .

Eugene Victor Debs said
while there is a lower class I am in it
while there is a criminal element I am of it
while there is a soul in prison I am not free

by Brandon Farmer

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