TL (1989 / Vancouver, B.C.)

*complicated Species

10 sep 08
For Li.

Women are an awful lot
So hard to comprehend;
Clinging on to what they've got,
Yet demanding the world from men.

Delicate like porcelain dolls
And touchy creatures too:
Oh, but once you've got her gall
You'll end up in a loo.

She claims that 'oh, nothing is wrong',
So you carry on with football.
Trust me, pal, it won't be long
You'll be licking your wounded balls.

Her actions though seemingly simple,
Beware the mind behind it:
If you ain't a clue don't try to fumble
Coz she'll roast you on a spit.

So friend while you're still young and able,
Steer clear, don't take the gamble!

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Comments (2)

As.....for me..........I love the challenge!
Not ALL women are that bad-just the bad ones.Haha funny.