KW (20/04/96 / America, Sandiago, California BUT i live in scotland)

Complicated Words... X =(

Love Is Something When Yhoo Give It Away
Life Is Lost When Yhoo Take It Away
Courage Is Truth When Yhoo Know How To Speak It
Words Is Trust When Yhoo Know How to Learn It

Hearts Are Broken when Yhoo See Rain Fall
Hearts Are Caring When Yhoo Give a Hug
But one of these days, Karma will come
Good and Bad, Better or Worse

Friends Are Worth finding
Trying Is Worth Looking
But No-One tells yhoo how Complicated things will be
Life just happens, one way or another

How, Why, When, Where and Why? ?
thts the type of questions yhoo ask yhoorsellf
Sometimes People Answer Them For yhoo
but in this case... i'm still looking... xx

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