Complicatedly Simple

They say: 'life is what you make of it',
Is it really?
They say: 'Life is as simple as it could get',
But is it really?
They say: 'your life is what YOU decide you Want to make of it',
But do you really?
They say: 'There's always a solution to everything'
Hmm... I wonder...

We all believe in 'them', don't we?
We sigh when 'they' can describe what we're going through, isn't it?
We get too comfortable when 'they' can tell us what to do next, don't we?
Yet We blame 'them' for all the action that 'We' did and turned out to be wrong? Why is it?

When things get complicated, We get too desperate, might that be why?
Too desperate that We are willing to believe Anything put on our plate, might that be right?
A little too optimistic for my taste I would say,
But what do I know? maybe that would save the day...

Believing in 'them' will work for today.
But if something goes wrong, will we still believe in 'they say'?
Or will we start pointing fingers and changing the speech to 'They said'?
Will we remember all the good moments we had because 'they said'?
Or will we only see what has gone wrong because 'they' said?
Doubts, Doubts, Douts, ...

One moment things are going great, the other they're not.
This second you are laughing, the next you're not.
As courageous and lucky as you are feeling this minute, the next you are lazy and wretched.
Then, and only then, will you start wondering:
' will I ever make it? '.
In your mind questions keep flowing:
'is it worth it? '...

It's right at the moment when your hope is gone,
That you meet 'them' when you thought you were alone,
And with mr google having made things easier, you're happy with the 'effort' you made.
You tell yourself you've found the solution to your problem, you'll just do as 'they' said;
Yet if you looked closer you'd find that it's not always THAT.
Sometimes theirs is not necessarily going to be your path,
Your past and present make you rivals, not bestfriends forever.

The way I see it, there is no such thing as a concrete description of what life is.
It is this, but a little bit of that too.
It is that with a small portion of this too.
It is a concept and no quote or two can describe it really.
It is simply complicatedly simple.

by Gaelle Simbi

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An eye catching title. A well articulated train of thoughts written in poetic diction to capture the conviction of the poet. Life is indeed as complicated as it is simple - point of view depends on perspective. A nice piece of poetry. Keep it up and thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.