(October 4,1966 / Menomonee Falls, WI, USA)

Composing In Bed

Let it rain.
I won't complain.
I'll stay in bed,

Warm and dry,

And let the day wash away

As I hide

From friends
From deadlines
From myself
From time.

Let it march on.
I will promise to catch up.
And maybe I will.
Or maybe I will slip out of sync.

Maybe I can find a slower flow
With rivulets that turn back
Or whirlpools that spin
So I need not leave behind
The times my mind
Wishes to cling to.

Even if all must move
Even if there are no still pools
There must be a way to stay,
To swim in place

Until my limbs weary
And my mind clears
And my soul agrees to float
Once again the way fate must take me.

by Suzanne Hayasaki

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You have given me an inkling of empathy for apathy. Nicely done. Danny.