Comprehending Your Success

Can you accept and believe it...
The air allows a breathing to be achieved?

I am glad you do agree.
Because if you didn't,
I would suspect your thoughts...
As being an experimental accident.
And not an intention given!

And those wishes to fulfill dreams you have,
Are coincidences of good timing.
But you expect bad luck to receive.
And your acknowledgement of it,
Is on call in your mind.
Confirmed in a constant rewinding.
The kind that could be left behind.
To attract an absence.
But losing it is a fear you can not bear.

Although each breath you take...
You think nothing to rid of.
To inhale is a thing done you do.
To exhale is what one tosses away...
To insignificantly float.
To fade from a once over bloated gloatness.

But since you accept and believe,
The air allows a breathing to be achieved...
A possibility of comprehending your success,
Is something you should not waste time to connect!
To flaunt something you did...
In an awareness of it!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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