Philosophical hypocrisies,
Are easy to dropp and leave.
The status quo is in a state of shambles.
And how things go is percieved,
As the way they ought to be!

Whatever is said and how it gets done...
Few question motives anymore.
Nothing today has a validity that stays,
To compare to what was done before.

There once was a time when good advice was sought...
To bring about a comprehension to resolve.
But misunderstandings communicated now...
Is a goal many achieve to flaunt and not dissolve.

The right thing wished is dismissed for the wrong,
As if it belongs in affairs!
And no one dares to question end results...
For fear an accountability,
Will examine a stagnation...
That attempts a clarity without the use of insults!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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This is very good and touches on important matters...Must say though, for me, most that know me say I talk too much...Have a friend who use to use the cable remote to mute me....didn't work! ~~~~~~marci. :)