Reset; Rewind
Let’s take it back in time
What was it that was said?
Do you recall it in your head?
Too many words; absurd
Was everything we heard
A mystery? A fallacy?
A truth that only we believe?
Sit back; Relax
Let’s review the facts
We’re both still here
This much is clear
No need to argue
Is there, Dear?
We’ll both agree
To try to see
Your way, My way
And not relive our yesterday
We’ll both agree we learned
We’ll consider these the terms
That side is yours
This side is mine
Mutual respect draws the line
Love builds the bridge
So both can cross
If either burns it
Then both have lost

Cheryl A. Caron copyright 2008

by Cheryl A. Caron

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Compromise... makes no compromises... it tells it like it is... or ought to be.